Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I have always taken wrapping gifts seriously! My Aunt, one Christmas, said that the gift I gave her was too pretty to unwrap haha-I used the large Christmas bulbs from old light strands and a paint pen and wrote the "to/from" on it! So much fun! It's the little touches that make a package special. I think I borrowed that idea from a t.v. show I had been watching! Check out this site:


I especially loved #4(being the retro freak that I am-I do think I lived a past life or something lol)It uses the retro ornament box! Fun!

Selecting the paper is important too. I prefer to use a GOOD quality, strong paper. Also, not using TOO much paper makes a huge difference. I have even wrapped kids gifts in the Comics from the Sunday paper! (Similar to the pic below) Alot of fun! I have also twisted $1 dollar bills into bows haha

Also, use old maps, tissue paper, plain brown craft paper, or pages from old books to wrap gifts! Very economical too!

Share YOUR gift wrap ideas below! I look forward to learning new ideas!


  1. Hi Joey...
    I am back from my very long sabbatical from the Blog World.. I have missed it!!
    I love your gift wrapping ideas.. the bulbs for two and from is terrific..
    I am super excited about the holidays..
    Just wanted to say Hi!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Stop by the blog sometime!!
    Hey.. I am on facebook now.. if you are.. look for Maureen Graham!

  2. I gave you a blog award :)