Tuesday, November 9, 2010


**Updated: I just remembered a cute site! Go here to "elf yourself" haha


I stumbled across this website, NORTHPOLE.COM and it got me to thinking and reminiscing. To me, Christmas is about making the kids happy. Seeing their cute little faces light up when they start to make their Christmas wish list, talk about Santa Claus, and especially seeing their face on Christmas morning are all things that just make me enjoy the season more.

I remember as a child, barely being able to sleep on Christmas Eve, full of anticipation for what gifts I was going to get on Christmas morning. The stocking was always my favorite part for some reason haha

We didn't have the fancy Santa Trackers like kids have today, but we still couldn't wait to maybe even catch a glimpse of Santa on that special morning.


What favorite things do you remember about Christmas as a child?


  1. Cute idea! Hey.. I just "met" you at the Santa Paws Twitter Party.. Small World! I am a Blogmania 2011 Dream Team Member and was just stopping by to check out your Holiday Post! Nice job.. best of luck!


    Just Married with Coupons

  2. Thank you Dawn!! Yes, it was a fun party! Nice meeting you too!!