Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Can you please help me my friends?(*UPDATE: SO close to my Goal now! Can you donate at least $1? thank you)

Hey friends! It is with much shame & embarrassment that I ask for this help! I'll try not to bore you with TOO many details, but I am in a bind right now & need some help if y'all can give! Even a $1 donation will help me get closer to my goal. As most of you know, I started out visiting Los Angeles, CA where my brothers now live and then fell in love with L.A. & was loving being close to my brothers again, and decided to move out there. Well, I had a free return portion of my Southwest ticket that I won, so I came here to South Carolina last week.*(I had to get some personal matters with belongings, etc. straightened out while here)* My money and living arrangements have NOT gone as planned, so I do not even have all of my money for my ticket back. (I have a place to stay in CA with my brothers & have big things in my life on the horizon up there!) I was supposed to be making a trade with a friend who won some travel vouchers, but I never could quite come up with the amount she wanted. I have a little, but do not know what else to do but ask my awesome facebook/twitter friends for help! I am one of those people who RARELY asks for help in life! I am always helping others lol...and that feels good. I feel so helpless right now! I would appreciate anything that you could donate even if only $1! I can even pay it back ina few weeks, I am just broke right now and need that plane ticket back to CA because I have NOWHERE to stay here as of tomorrow.

Thanks for listening & thanks in advance for any help you can give me. I put a convenient DONATE button below that will take you straight to my paypal address: clamchowder6@gmail.com and then you can do your donation there & it'll go straight into my paypal account. Once I have enough(I need around $150 or so because I have a little bit of money. I do have to pay $25 for my checked bag home-it was free to fly with it here on my free Southwest ticket, but can't go back Southwest.

If you want to talk with me privately concerning this, message me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ajoebloe or email: ajoebloe@gmail.com **Btw, I have a few new items(PRIZES I won) that someone may be interested in for exchange for a donation. Just email me for more details. A few items have "codes" to order items online so I can email those..the other items I'd have to ship! Thanks!

This is not an easy post for me to make but I didn't know what else to do. I hope none of you look at me in a different light now due to this post. Btw, I am revamping my blog soon & it'll be more themed towards all my wild celebrity fun events in Hollywood! I hope y'all will come back soon to check out the new "Joe Hollywood Blog" :)

**UPDATE**: I had NO clue that paypal was charging such high fees when people use the donation button..For example: on a $1 donation, paypal is charging me .33 cents fee! WOW lol...A dear friend sent me a donation and did it DIRECTLY via the "send money" option in paypal, and it charged ZERO fees lol.. So if anyone can donate that way, that would help me get the full donation..every penny counts lol...but either way via that method or the button, I am so grateful for any help!! I do appreciate everyone's kindness during this rough spot in my life! It means so much to me!!

Thank you SO much!! Eternally grateful, Joey