Monday, November 8, 2010


My list may surprise you, but I really am not a materialistic person. I am very low maintenance(haha) and it doesn't require a lot to make me truly happy! I get more joy out of GIVING to OTHERS!!:) Really, I do-I gift about 95% of the giveaways that I win in online contests!:)

Here's what's on my list to Santa this year:

1. to be able to visit my brothers in California

2. to WIN a laptop in an online giveaway as mine is broken currently

3. for my best friend to act the way he was acting prior to a week or so ago lol

4. peace on Earth

5. to win toy giveaways(and the Leap Frog) to gift to my 6 yr. old Godson

6. a new job

7. I wish for all of my family, friends and online friends to have a FANTASTIC holiday this year!

8. a new pair of sneakers(much needed lol)

9. someone new to love who will love me and ONLY me(*Don't ask haha)

10. to get the makeover(in the planning stages) on my blog & begin my giveaways

What is on YOUR list this year? Share below in the comments section please! I look forward to reading them all!

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