Sunday, November 7, 2010

In Memory of my Mama: Holidays without Family!

Mama in 1989(Church photo)

Today's holiday post is in memory of my beloved Mama. She passed away, 16 years ago, on November 7, 1994 at the young age of 44,of leukemia, and I raised two young brothers after she passed. They were ages 14 and 8 at the time. It wasn't always easy, but it's some of the best years of my life! They are pretty much like my kids and I miss them badly! They moved away February of 2009, to Hollywood, CA to pursue their music career. Money has been tight among us all, so we haven't been able to visit each other. I pray that Santa Claus brings us a plane ticket lol

It is hard to believe that she's been gone so long. It seems like yesterday still. She would've turned 60 this past March. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss her!! The holidays just aren't the same, but I do still have my dear Aunt and my brothers/kids! I am thankful for that and I know that Mama is so proud of my brothers and I. I am VERY proud of them for living their dream and I feel like I must have done something right raising them, because they are successful, amazing young men today! I will always love you Mama and never, ever forget you!!

How do YOU get through the holidays and keep the memory/spirit of loved ones alive? It isn't easy, but I will be lighting a candle in memory of my Mama today and at the holidays.

My brothers, February 2009, the day they flew to California:


  1. Precious! Your mom was beautiful! The holidays are very very hard and I struggle Joey!
    What a loving tribute to your Mom!

    I tweeted this. XOXO

    Love you!

  2. Thanks my dear friend Leslie!! That means alot to me!! I am sorry for your losses too! It is very difficult, but I still must keep her memory alive!

    Love you too!!