Thursday, November 4, 2010


Have you seen the fudge recipe above?lol

My Aunt and I have misplaced a great recipe. I believe it was with evaporated milk and not condensed milk, but very similar to this one:


We last made it a couple of Christmas's ago, as we've not been able to get together for the holidays due to schedules, long distance, etc.

Please help us!!! lol

If you know of the great recipe that is from the back of an evaporated milk can(I think Carnation brand), please post here or email me(top right of this page). I remember when we last bought the evaporated milk and saw the recipe on the can, it had changed!! They changed the way they listed the chocolate or something. I think it's much easier with the Nestle semi-sweet chocolate morsels! YUM!

Does your family have a special fudge recipe you'd like to share below(link or post the recipe is fine)? I want to make this blog interactive(isn't that the point?ha), so feel free to share any recipes in the comments section!

Thank you so much and I can't wait to start baking goodies for the holidays!


  1. you're killin' me with this talk of fudge after I just polished off 3 Reese's from the leftover Halloween candy. Will need to work that off before I can contemplate fudge. Will tuck this recipe in the back of my mind to make...

    Thx for visiting my blog. If you lived close by I'd bring over a few Krill Oil capsules from my big Dr. Oz win :D

  2. ROFL@carma!! You're too funny!! I love Reese's too!! You're my sista from another mista haha

  3. My four kids and I really love fudge (even my hubby who's not into sweets also enjoy it with us). I've memorized quite a few fudge recipe myself. At least one for each of my kids. But with the way you talk about this 'great recipe', you really got me interested. I wonder how good that fudge recipe is that you seem like you can't just live with out, lol! I really hope you find it sooner and share it with us here, :)
    I would love to make some for Christmas give away this year!

  4. haha @fudgerecipe! Thanks!! I hope I find it too..It is awesome!

    that's cool you have some memorized! thanks for stopping by!

  5. I love lots of nuts in my fudge too! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Good luck in the contest!