Friday, August 20, 2010

Tired of wasting $$$ on batteries? Try the Energizer Smart Charger!

Batteries..We ALL use them at some point in our daily lives..They run everything from remote controls, to digital cameras, to kids toys...I personally have never used rechargeable batteries but have always wanted to. Upon learning about the
ENERGIZER SMART CHARGER I got really excited and decided I want to finally try it out. Think of ALL the MONEY it will save by not having to buy regular batteries constantly!

I even use batteries in my shaving razor haha-(Don't get me started on how expensive replaceable razor blades are lol)

I'm a "gadget" person and a technology geek, so this has me excited!

So head on over to the link and see what YOU think of the smart charger by Energizer!

(**NOTE: I am writing this post to get a giftcard and a charger, but that has no bearing on my opinion about the charger.)

I found out about the smartcharger from THIS BLOG! "JLeigh Designz"


  1. Oooh psst! I learned on Clark Howard on HLN that for razor blades to keep them better longer, dry out the blade with a towel. It's the rust or something that dulls the blade. I forget. He uses one disposable razor a year.

    Anyways! Don't these chargers look AWESOME!? I can't wait to check one out.

  2. We use rechargable batteries all the time! It's great for the environment and ya know I what a tree hugger I am!

    oooh la la! Energizer makes super products Too!

    Leslie Loves Veggies