Thursday, July 23, 2009

Top 10 Reasons I am Excited to Stay Home with My Family this Coming Weekend

Yes, I am NOT going to BlogHer(I call it BlogHim, or BlogUS lol) because I'm new to blogging and had no time to save/make plans..but with that said, it gives me more time to spend time with family this weekend and here's how:

10. I will get to catch up with my brother and his wife by having a BBQ at their house

9. I will get to spend some long overdue time with my brother when I help him clean out his shed/mancave lol

8. I WILL have to work still, but can relax with family after work

7. I can spend more time updating my blog and showing my sister-in-law the changes to my blog she has not seen yet

6. I can teach my sister-in-lAW HOW to bog and get her started on her own since she's been wanting to do this for a while now

5. I will have alot of extra time to call my brothers out in California and catch up with them(I miss them so much!)

4. Hopefully I will get to hang out with my best friend/special someone this weekend-Just think, that wouldn't happen if I was at BlogHer/Him/Us lol

3. I can finally get my Cozi account and begin to get organized thanks to their amazing website! Check it out here: COZI

2. Hopefully my godson can come over to hang out with "Uncle Joey"-I miss him and have not spent time with him in a while

and the NUMBER 1 reason I am excited to stay home with family this weekend IS

1. FINALLY I can sleep in hopefully and have breakfast served to me in bed(and then I woke up!! HAHA)

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your post. Looking forward to all future posts.

  2. Good Luck and have a great Non blogher weekend

  3. Joey, sounds like the perfect weekend.. Just don't even think of everything you are missing at BlogHer/Him/Us....
    don't think of the free swag bags, the PR you could rub elbows with.. all the Bloggers you could meet.. Don't THINK about it I said!!!

    I am home also, My Staycation starts on Friday night at 5p.m for 2 glorious weeks.. can't wait..
    Great post.. have fun with the family.. Enjoy your weekend.. sounds like fun!

  4. Ha, I love the served breakfast in bed then woke up LOL. Maybe next year we can both be there. Have a great weekend.

  5. Good luck BeBe!!
    Hope ya win!!
    Momma Leslie

  6. Can you help clean out my shed? I have tons of crap that needs to be donated.

  7. How kind of you to put on a BBQ - at someone elses house! Why didn't I think of that - no clean up! :)

  8. Good Luck! Hope you see your "friend" :)

  9. Great list Joe. I love #4!

    And breakfast in bed.... what's that? I'm jealous.. my dreams arent that good.

  10. Great list Joey! I hope you enjoy your relaxing weekend with family! So happy you decided to start a blog!! @poshnicole

  11. Joe, It is so nice to meet you. I love that you are looking at the bright side of staying home.. I also wanted you to know I think it is so sweet that you took care of your brothers. Sorry you have to miss them. I know how that feels. I hope to read more from you soon. Thanks

  12. I hope we all leave me a comment if u have the time ;>

  13. Hope you have a great weekend!

    If you have a moment, stop by and comment on my top 10.

  14. Hmmm... breakfast in bed, what is this interesting concept? ;) Great list! Good luck teaching your sister-in-law how to blog.

    Please share the comment love:

  15. Have friend with your friend this weekend.
    Have a great weekend.
    When you have time come look at my top 10 list.

  16. It's always exciting to spend time with family. You can enhance that excitement with a sponsor, right?

    Hugs and Mocha,

  17. good luck on the contest.... ck out my post and share some love

    thx ! jeanine

  18. Good Luck! I'm participating in this one Too!

  19. I loved your list!BBQ at someone else's place--WOOT! I hope you win! I hope you are enjoying your relaxing weekend with family!


  20. I hope you had a nice weekend.

    Here is my post if you feel like leaving me a comment.

  21. Hope you had a successful blog teaching lesson and a great weekend.

    Would love some comment love in return :)

  22. Stopping by to increase your comments and chances of winning

    lUV your list I"M home too

    come on by and spread the comment luv

    thank u

  23. Hanging out with your special someone is very important!

    I am trying to win as well. I would love if you shared the comment love!

  24. Bummed that you nor I won the Blog Sponsorship.. Thrilled that nightowlmama was one of the winners.!!! Yeah!!!
    Hope your weekend was great.. Mine was good and the week has been pretty good.. Busy enjoying my staycation.. Tweet ya soon!!!

  25. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I did it all by myself. I started with a template and went from there.

    I want a mix of professional and homey. So far, so good.