Tuesday, July 14, 2009


My dear friend Leslie, over at LESLIE LOVES VEGGIES BLOG

awarded me with the Honest Scrap award. Thank you so much!:) Here are the rules:

Tell everyone 10 things about you they may not know, but are true

Tag 5 bloggers with the award

HERE GOES:(I am never good at these lists lol, but I'm gonna try)

1. I raised two brothers after my mom died who have since gone on to pursue their music careers in Hollywood, CA and have promised to one day buy me a house lol

2. I am the oldest of four boys

3. I once won $970 in the VA lottery-beginner's luck on 1st ticket I ever bought haha(Sidenote: I was one number from 5.5 MILLION dollars-whew!)

4. I do not like beets

5. I love to cook but baking is my specialty(yahee for dessert!)

6. I have met Rosie O'Donnell twice(see the pics to the right ----->)

7. My camera is with me all of the time-I love taking pictures!

8. The Andy Griffith Show is one of my all time fave shows(our entire family loves it)

9. My name is Joey and I may be a giveaway addict ROFL-HAHA!!

10. I'm a pack-rat but am kind of a reformed pack-rat(am getting MUCH better) lol:)

I as of today FINALLY reached 12 followers!! yaheee lol, but I'm fairly new to this

and have not really gotten to know many bloggers besides Leslie from

LeslielovesVeggies, so at this time, I have to regretfully decline to choose 5 people

to tag(I WILL come back to this, just give me some time! thank you!!)Oh and since

both Leslie's have been tagged and a couple of people on my followers list have no

contact info, I am at a loss lol


  1. Your a Good Brother!!

    5.5 million!! Bring it on Brotha!!! hahah

    I love Beets! But then again Leslie Loves Veggies

    Dessert? Did you say Dessert.. Where?? Love dessert... is it chocolate?? YUM!

    Just got my first Digital Camera!!

    GREAT to know so much about you Friend!!

  2. thank you:)

    I know!! can you imagine how my life would've changed, even though money canNOT buy happiness?


    Hey life is short, eat dessert first:)

    yaheee to your 1st digital camera! You will LOVE it! I need to know the details lol