Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Review: Wham-O Toys: Frisbee Extreme Coaster

I think most of us grew up playing with Frisbee, but did you know they have come a long way in their design? I recently had the opportunity to review a product from Wham-O and I chose the Frisbee Extreme Coaster for my Godson. He will be turning 7 later this month, so I decided to give it to him as an early birthday gift so that we he could have a blast with it. He was THRILLED when he got it.(*More on his thoughts below)

This is not the Frisbee you may remember as a child. It is a 13 inch diameter disc and flies really far! Here are some details about this fun toy:

  • Designed to get extreme distance and still be easy to throw and comfortable to catch.

  • Specially engineered for amazing distance

  • Soft outer rim

  • Precision molded airfoil rim for maximum flight

  • High performance core

  • Legendary flight rings enhance grip & increase performance

  • My Godson played with it for a long time & I couldn't even get a picture of him enjoying it because we both were having too much fun playing with it lol. I practically had to drag him inside because he kept saying "This toy is cool" & didn't want the fun to end...haha:)

    I was amazed at the distance this toy goes. It is very well made & I can tell it will be able to withstand the abuse that my very active Godson is going to give it.

    Here is a pic of him for you all to see just how cute & adorable he is:

    Wham-O makes Frisbee® discs, Slip ’N Slide® water slides, and Hula Hoop® toy hoops. They also make outdoor brands like Morey®, Boogie® body boards, Snow Boogie® sleds, and BZ® Pro Boards. I bet you or your kids have played with some of their awesome products.

    They have a huge selection and their products would make a great gift for that special child in your life for the upcoming holiday season.

    You can connect with Wham-O on these social media outlets:

    **I received this product free of charge from Wham-O Toys in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own(& my Godson's). Thank you to Wham-O toys for this review opportunity.