Sunday, September 11, 2011


I love surfing the internet & stumbling across amazing websites. Well, recently, I did just that & found and was immediately impressed!! The first thing I really love about it, is the Cinderella/Princess theme. Her About Me page really tells the story of who she is & what types of subjects you will find her blogging about on any given day.

She even blogged about going to my fave city in the whole world, New York! Go on a tour of this fabulous city via a carriage ride from New York Carriage Company, complete with pictures. (Btw, she takes AMAZING pictures!)

I was in heaven imagining myself staying at the Glenmere Mansion just as she did. I believe the bathroom is larger than my entire apartment:)

Read all about her stay at the Resort at Pelican Hill & I guarantee you that you will want to go just to take a swim in the amazing, large pool complete with private cabanas on the side.

I am a HUGE foodie, so when I saw all of her posts about the fine dining that she does, I was drooling! I was in awe of the scenery, the food, and just the loveliness of her experience at Flavor Del Mar in Del Mar, CA. The salad consisted of local citrus & avocado, with grapefruit, orange, watercress, frisee, toasted macadamia nuts and lemongrass vinaigrette. Can you say YUM?

Her post about being lonely really hit home with me, because I suffer from loneliness alot & I think so many of us can relate!

So, if you are feeling lonely & wanna cheer up, check out her post on Johan Blohm playing the Boogie Woogie Piano. This video will cheer anyone up, instantly!

What I really love about her site, is the eclectic mix of topics she writes about. Her Politically Incorrect Cartoon section will really make you laugh. Here is what she says on her site about this section:

I love my country. That doesn’t stop me from having a very dry sense of humor or highlighting the latest debacles, be they in the entertainment industry, the political arena, the financial sector or with regard to the environment, technology, heads of state, well, you name it.

Flopsy is her adorable, 4-legged furry child, who was sick last year. How can you look at this face & not smile?

Be sure to visit her site & become a part of this fun "community" she is developing over there. While you are there, enter one of her many Giveaways that she offers from time to time.

She gives away spa days, resturant giftcards, giftcards & more! SO much fun & so generous of her!

I hope you will check out her website, comment, join in all of the fun & tell her Joey sent you!

I'd love it(& I know she would too!) if you liked her Facebook page also! She just reached her "100th like" on facebook, so stop by & help in her quest to get more facebook fans. Thank you!

Please VOTE for her blog as Best Travel Blog 2011 in the Blogger's Choice Awards competition! I think you do have to register to vote, but it's very simple!

Click on the button below to go to her awesome site:(*Btw, I'd love to live in her shoes(or would that be glass slippers? ha) for even ONE day lol!)


*This is a sponsored post & I will be compensated for my review, but that in no way influenced anything that I wrote. I gave my honest opinions of her site. Special thanks to Laura for allowing me to write about her awesome website! Note: ALL pics used are the property of


  1. What a neat post!! I have to go check out I love a good fairytale and this sounds like a wonderful website!!

  2. Thanks Leslie! Yes, you'll love her site! Sweet lady too!:)

  3. Sounds like a really cool site! And the photos are gorgeous, I've always wanted to take a carriage ride through the city. Thanks for sharing! =]

  4. Great review Joey, you did an awesome job at pointing out everything on her site! Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by Cinderella, Free Spirit Eater & daytodaymoments:) I appreciate the kind comments!

  6. This sounds pretty nice. I have to go check out the site! I love the the horse drawn carriage. I have never been on one but I do dream about going. I think I will have to surprise my husband one day and do it!


  7. Hey Mary! Yes, her site is great!! I took a carriage tour with my brothers in Charleston once..very nice! You should totally do that! he'd love it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog & following me on twitter!:)