Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I was thrilled that SO many people entered MY GOURMET GIFTBASKETS.COM GIVEAWAY!! Thank you ALL for entering. We ended up with 201 comments and the LUCKY WINNER IS: Comment #7 VectoringMomma! See screenshots below!

Congratulations!! I am sending you an email now & am sending out a tweet about your win!

Thank you ALL again so much and stay tuned to Joe's Place....I will be having more giveaways coming up real soon!

**A HUGE thank you again to GOURMETGIFTBASKETS.COM for sponsoring this giveaway!

*The winner will have 6 hours to respond to my email or I will have to choose another winner. I usually allow 48 hours, but I want the winner to receive it in time for the Easter holiday!


  1. WoW!! Thanks Joey! I'm stoked that I won your first giveaway! Plus, I haven't made my little guys Easter baskets yet, lol!!! Thanks again, Joey & GourmetGiftBaskets.com!!!

  2. LOL:) I am thrilled for you! Congrats again and he will love it!

    Btw, it is actually my 3rd giveaway,but technically 2nd because I provided my own prize for the first haha

    The other was with @Sibu_Beauty (Fantastic folks!!)


  3. Congrats VectorYou and Enjoy! Thanks for a great giveaway Joey and GourmetGiftBaskets.com!

  4. Hugs Leslie! My blog will never be as fantastic as yours though lol:)

    I just realized I gained about 30 followers during that! yaheee lol


  5. Oh, geez, lol! Thought I saw a tweet saying it was your first! Well, I'm glad I won your 3rd, but technically 2nd giveaway, lol!! Thanks again to you and GourmetGiftBaskets.com!!! Thanks for the Congrats Leslie, your blog is awesome! :D

  6. How did I manage to sign in with my biz account first and my personal account second, lol! I'm a mess today! Hope you have a great Easter!!! I'm sure I'll tweet you soon!

  7. LOL! it's ok..I noticed when Leslie said "vector you" haha!!

    I do that too with another throw away gmail account I have..checked email there once, and forgot I was logged in and entered a giveaway with that name ROFL!! luckily, the blogger had the little trash can button;)hehe

    I hope you do as well..you & your family and see ya around twitter!!!

  8. and YES isn't Leslie's blog amazing? She's an awesome lady and a dear friend that I met online over 2 yrs ago!:)