Friday, November 5, 2010


One of my fave things to do at the holidays, is decorate. Although I haven't been in the Christmas spirit the last couple of years, all of this holiday talk has me in the mood haha

I have been watching HSN and QVC with their Christmas shows. I love the BETHLEHEM LIGHT COMPANY 's stuff that they show on QVC! Very high quality and high-end looking! Check them out!

My fave thing to do(and a family tradition) as a child, was to ride around our local town looking at everyone's display of lights. Some people go all out and it's amazing to see! I can only imagine how much time they spend on this!

I have been to New York City twice, but have never been in the winter.That is a dream of mine. I want to go when it's all lit up for Christmas. My family also used to attend the local church production of the "Living Christmas Tree". I was in awe at how well done this choir show was. I hope to find one in my area this year to attend!

What types of fun things do you like to do at the holidays? Any family traditions or things you did as a child that you want to carry on in your family?

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